Clinical Research Practitioner Directory

Apply to join the CRP Directory during the COVID-19 pandemic

Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) are on the front line of the national response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The NIHR is leading a rapid response that is harnessing the research capabilities of our research infrastructure. Covid-19 studies are already open and CRPs involved in supporting such vitally important work. Follow this link for updates about NIHR’s response to Covid-19

Clinical care is also a top priority and many research delivery staff, not only those with a clinical qualification, are now involved in supporting the clinical response in their local organisations.

In this unprecedented time the NIHR and the AHCS will continue our work to support the professional development of CRPs and commitment to the implementation of an accredited register. To ensure we are doing all we can to support the CRP community, without putting any unnecessary demands into a system that is working at full capacity, we will focus on the continued use of the CRP Directory as a ‘pre-registration’ holding space.

The CRP Directory will provide a source of information and connection until there is capacity to focus on the implementation of the register. Those Practitioners who have joined the CRP Directory and are eligible to apply to the register will be supported with their applications. Resources being developed to support applications to register are described in the CRP Register Pilot section of this website.

The CRP Directory and the NIHR Learn platform will both be used to share information and best practices, and the latter will offer dedicated forum space to connect Practitioners together.

During this time there will be no charge to join the Directory (see further details below about how to apply to the CRP Directory). During these challenging times it is important that you feel safe and supported for any roles that you are asked to undertake. As well as working within your organisational guidelines we hope that the  Scope of Practice and Standards of Proficiency for CRPs will also be useful, together with the current suite of learning resources available to all staff via the NIHR Learn platform.

Apply to join the CRP Directory

You can apply to join the CRP Directory if you are:

  • not registered to a healthcare profession
  • working in a research delivery role that involves direct contact with patients, or other study participants, in a clinical environment or other health and social care research setting

As at 14th April 2020, there is no fee to join or re-join the CRP Directory. Once established, a £30 fee will apply when you are joining the CRP Register. If you have paid your £10 joining fee and are already listed on the CRP Directory then the fee you will pay to register will be £20 for the first year.

The information in your CRP Directory account will be held in line with AHCS Privacy and Legal Policy. A data sharing agreement exists between the NIHR Clinical Research Network and the AHCS for the purpose of understanding more about the CRP workforce and informing future developments.

A listing on the CRP Directory does not guarantee eligibility to join a CRP register. CRP registration processes are being piloted currently.

Benefits of joining the CRP Directory during the Covid-19 pandemic

The CRP Directory will provide a community space that will support the implementation of the Accredited Register and act as a point of contact and information for you during this emergency. Benefits to you include:

  • Access to the NIHR Learn CRP Community launching soon
  • Opportunity to be part of the Academy for Healthcare Science and connection to the wider Healthcare Science workforce
  • Regular updates on progress towards the launch of an accredited register
  • Access to documents and news
  • Opportunity to identify and connect with other CRPs in your area
  • A pre-registration space in advance of the launch of the register
  • Public visibility of your listing on the CRP Directory