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Clinical Research Practitioner Directory Bulletin | Issue 11 | CRP Award

Advancing Healthcare Awards 

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As we shared in last month’s newsletter, the nominations for the Clinical Research Practitioner Leadership award are now open!  These Advancing Healthcare Awards recognise and celebrate the work of allied health professionals and healthcare scientists including Clinical Research Practitioners.


How to enter

The closing date for the awards is 11th January 2022, so you still have plenty of time to get your nomination in. To enter the awards, please follow these instructions 

  1. Register for an account: (Please use Google Chrome).
  2. Review the categories (criteria and submission questions via the information sheet).
  3. Prepare your entry (making sure you check the word count and fill in all the required information).
  4. Complete the online form, input your contact details and include a photo (this will be used in the awards ceremony).
  5. Check that you have entered the correct details.

You then should receive a confirmation email, if you don’t then please contact the awards team:
The URL link to enter the awards is:



Resources to help with your application

Please see the below resources which will help you complete your application:



Past applicants: Outstanding Achievement 

Last year’s winner of the award was Tracey Collishaw (Clinical Research Practitioner, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust).
The two other finalists for the award were:

  • Amy Clark, Senior Research Practitioner, Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust.
  • Atiqa Begum Miah, Clinical Trials Practitioner, Barts Health NHS Trust.

To read more about the winner and finalists:
To access last year’s award ceremony:  The AHCS award for outstanding achievement by a Clinical Research Practitioner



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