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Clinical Research Practitioner Directory Bulletin | Issue 12 | November 2021

CRP Award Focus Week 

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Week commencing 15th November was focus week for the Advancing Healthcare Awards (AHA) CRP award.  This meant the award was heavily promoted during the last week.  You may have seen the tweets telling you about last year’s winner and encouraging you to nominate yourself or a colleague.  

You still have plenty of time to apply, nominations are open until the 11th January 2022.  Just as a reminder see the criteria and submission questions below.  


Nominees must be a Clinical Research Practitioner practising within the UK and show evidence of,

• Measurable achievements in research delivery
• Leadership and team working
• Impact on the care of research participants.

Submission questions

1. Why should the nominee be considered for this award and what are their achievements? (100 words).
2. How have they raised the profile of their work and contributed to research delivery? (100 words)
3. How does the nominee demonstrate leadership and team working skills? (100 words).
4. Outline how the nominee is innovative and has contributed to research outcomes. (100 words)



Listen to your fellow CRPs stories on You Tube

Did you know that the National Institute for Health Research has three You Tube videos where CRP’s are talking about their road to recognition?  They talk about why they joined the CRP Directory and reasons why other CRP’s should join the directory.  The Road to Recognition: Clinical Research Practitioners

The clinical research practitioners talk about their role and anticipation of the accredited register for CRPs and how the register will support the professional identity of CRPs as a group.



Vox News

The Academy for Healthcare Science offers a free monthly newsletter, including news from across the healthcare science profession. Last week focused on the Clinical Research Practitioner Leadership award.  To view the article follow this link

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You can view the previous academy VOX newsletters here:


FAQs – CRP registration 

Frequently asked questions


Do I need to submit a Competency Framework with my application?

The use of competency frameworks and supporting tools, including the NIHR Integrated Workforce Framework (IWF), enable a structured and evidenced based approach to skills and knowledge development in your role as a CRP.  There is an expectation that CRPs will have used a relevant competency framework, or similar tool such as an induction framework, as part of professional development. There are examples included on the CRP website.  If you haven’t used a competency framework or similar, you need to discuss this with your manager and colleagues responsible for workforce development in your area. You will then be able to work through one of the available competency frameworks, to ensure you have the relevant skills and knowledge, at the appropriate level, before making an application to the register. Confirmation by your line manager that  a competency framework, or equivalent evident based approach to knowledge and skills development is in place, is an essential requirement for registration.  You do not need to submit your development tool but you do need to ensure you have had the opportunity to work through a structured approach to knowledge and skills development before applying to the register.

Documented assurance of communication style


The pandemic and associated changes in working practices do sometimes present a challenge for  assurance of your communication style. It may not now be possible to have someone directly observe your interaction with a patient and volunteer.  Please be creative in the examples you use, so for example you may document an example of feedback you have had about your effectiveness in  using online technologies to facilitate communication. Although recent examples are preferable, you can also refer to examples when you have been observed by a colleague up to three years ago. The Documented Assurance of Practice Development template has been modified to clarify this requirement.


CRP Community on NIHR Learn – join the conversation!


The CRP Community on NIHR Learn is a great space to share your experience of making your application to the register, ask questions of other CRPs and talk about topics relevant to you.  The forum is open to everyone on the CRP Directory and register and it is a fantastic way to collaborate with others within your profession.   
You can access the community via NIHR Learn  Sign up using an NIHR, NHS or academic email address if you do not already have an account.  
The enrollment key is: NIHRCRP2021
Please do not share the enrollment key indiscriminately as we wish to keep this as a space for CRPs.



RCCP Joint Merger


From the 1st June 2021, all business relating to the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) was transferred into the Academy for Healthcare Science. This means one organisation is now running the two respective registers which will mean greater clarity, understanding and improved patient safety.

All existing RCCP staff have been retained and the RCCP annual registration renewal process for 2021/22 is continuing as normal.  Clinical Physiologists registered with the Academy should renew their AHCS registration when that becomes due and if you are registered with both organisations, there is no need to cancel either registration. Any registrant, public or Fitness to Practice concerns or complaints will continue to be addressed by the respective organisation. 

Let’s keep growing our membership

Remember to encourage all CRPs interested in seeking registration to join the CRP Directory.  There is no fee to join, or to rejoin, the CRP Directory.  For more information, and to apply, please visit the Directory website 

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