Clinical Research Practitioner Directory

CRP Awards 2022

12th November 2021

Last year, a CRP award was included for the first time in the Advancing Healthcare Awards.  The award returns again this year, this time for “Clinical Research Practitioner Leadership.”  Are you or do you know someone within the CRP profession who has shown leadership in enabling the development of the profession?  Entries are now open so why not nominate yourself or a colleague. 



Nominees must be a Clinical Research Practitioner practicing within the UK, listed on the CRP Directory and show evidence of:

  • Measurable achievements in research delivery,
  • Leadership and team working,
  • Impact on the care of research participants.


Submission Questions

  1. Why should the nominee be considered for this award and what are their achievements? (100 words).
  2. How have they raised the profile of their work and contributed to research delivery? (100 words)
  3. How does the nominee demonstrate leadership and team working skills? (100 words).
  4. Outline how the nominee is innovative and has contributed to research outcomes. (100 words)


How to enter

As noted above, the closing date for the awards is 11th January 2022. To enter the awards, you need to do the following:

  1. Register for an account: (Please use Google Chrome).
  2. Review the categories (criteria and submission questions via the information sheet).
  3. Prepare your entry (making sure you check the word count and fill in all required information).
  4. Complete the online form, input your contact details with a photo, this will be used in the awards ceremony.
  5. Check that you have entered the correct details.


You then should receive an confirmation email, if you don’t then please contact the awards team:


The URL link to enter the awards:



Please see the below resources, which will help you  complete your application:


The closing date for applications is the 11th January 2022.  


Good luck with your application!