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Clinical Research Practitioner Directory Bulletin | Issue 07 | May 2021
The #CRPractitioner Directory is currently free to join. We look forward to welcoming more CRPs to the growing community! For more information, and to apply, please visit” Academy for Healthcare Science 

CRP Growth Spurts

Following the opening of the CRP Accredited Register at the end of March, there are already 28 practitioners who have successfully progressed through the application process to become registered professionals.  It is wonderful to see your CRP Accredited Register Quality Mark is now out there in email signatures and activity on social media!  Well done and congratulations!

More fabulous news this month is that there are over 100 practitioners who have come forward to join the CRP Directory, which now numbers a community of 840 and counting. Keep spreading the word to colleagues to join and contribute to raising the profile of CRPs.

 Many of you will currently be going through the process of attaining your professional registration, or coming forward very soon to join the CRP register via the online portal.Make sure you have support when you come to apply to join the register and remember that there is guidance on CRP registration tailored for you as an applicant, and also parallel guidance for your managers and team colleagues who will be supporting you.  These documents are available and accessible here:


Celebrating the Advancing Healthcare Awards 2021

A huge thank you for all nominations put forward for the Academy for Healthcare Science Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Clinical Research Practitioner.  The list of all Advancing Healthcare Award  finalists is available here.


Our three CRP Directory Community finalists are:

  • Tracey Collishaw, Clinical Research Practitioner, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust;  

  • Amy Clark, Senior Research Practitioner, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust; and 

  • Atiqa Begum Miah, Clinical Trials Practitioner, Barts Health NHS Trust

Many congratulations to you all. 

Award winners will be announced on 21 May at the virtual Awards Ceremony, being held online 15:00-17:00.  Join the celebration and Click here to register and book your free place.

Janice Paterson | NIHR CRN Workforce Stratery Lead

Join the New CRP Community Space on NIHR Learn


We have set up a dedicated section for the Clinical Research Practitioner (CRP) community, within the Frontline Research Engagement and Collaboration Community! 

This sub-community will include the latest news regarding the CRP directory and Accredited CRP Register, and can also be used to connect and share updates, experiences or advice with your fellow CRPs! This will be accessible to everybody on the CRP directory (not just the register) and is a fantastic way to collaborate with others within your proffesion.

You can access this exciting addition to the community by following this link using an NIHR, NHS or academic email address!

Those of you receiving this bulletin are on the CRP directory (which is a prerequisite for accessing the CRP community space).


The enrollment key is: NIHRCRP2021


Please do not share the enrollment key with other colleagues as we wish for this space is bespoke for CRPs.

Stephen Burrows | NIHR CRN Workforce & Clinical Specialty Engagement Coordinator

Community Q&As

Here are some answers to recent queries on CRP registration that you may find helpful. 
Do I need a degree to be part of the register?
Yes, all applicants to the CRP register need to upload their degree certificate, or equivalent qualification. The NIHR and the Academy for Healthcare Science are working towards establishing a process for experienced CRPs to be able to access the register when they currently do not hold degree-level qualifications.
Can I apply to the register when I don’t have a degree?
No, not at the moment.  The NIHR and the Academy for Healthcare Science are working towards establishing a process for experienced CRPs to be able to access the register when they currently do not hold degree-level qualifications.
Can documents relevant to the application be signed electronically through Word/PDF if I am working from home?
Yes, the documents can be signed electronically. It is important that managers and the registered professional are involved in the submission have the opportunity to be involved and engaged in the process and so the application needs to be planned and time put aside for all input, including signatures.
Once on the CRP register I need to keep proof of CPD.  Is there a certain amount of CPD that I have to maintain each year?
There is not a prescribed amount of CPD. Being part of the register provides an opportunity to take a planned approach to accessing learning and development and keeping records of that.  You will be asked to provide assurance about CPD as part of the annual renewal of registration and you could be asked to submit your CPD portfolio to the Academy Registrar.
I have previous research experience but am not currently working in research. Can I still sign up in case I wish to return to delivery of research at some point in the future?
If you are not currently working in a research role but have experience then you have the option to join the CRP Directory but you would not be able to join the CRP Register. The requirement to involve colleagues in the application process and to reflect on your Scope of Practice and how your current role enables you to meet the Standards of Proficiency will be challenging for an individual not currently working in research.
Can research staff of any banding apply to the CRP register or do applicants need to be band 5 and above?
The pay band or title of your role are not assessed within the eligibility criteria to join the CRP register.  The register is open to experienced CRPs who have a degree and can demonstrate that they meet the Standards of Proficiency and working within a defined Scope of Practice.  The Skills for Health Career Framework describes the career progression from Assistant through Practitioner Levels and we think that the work of many CRPs will fall into the category of Practitioner as described at level 5 of the Skills for Health Career Framework
There is local variation in AfC bands and job titles and it is up to managers and CRPs to consider whether or not the applicant is working at a practitioner level regardless of their banding, although it would be concerning if a CRP in a band 3 role was working at the level of Practitioner. Many organisations are currently looking at banding and career progression and we hope the register provides an opportunity to continue to develop a more consistent approach to job descriptions. 
What tools exist for skill assessment/competency development?
There are a number of tools available, including the Integrated Workforce Framework (IWF,, and local competency and induction frameworks, including these openly accessible resources:

The registration process asks for a DBS. Do I need to upload a hard copy or does my line manager confirm that they’ve seen one? How current should it be?
Your manager needs to confirm that you have a current DBS in place. You do not need to submit a hard copy.
Will there be any additional training for managers supporting applicants? 
We are hoping to set up some training sessions for managers soon in addition to the manager guidance document which can be found on the CRP Accredited Register page. 



 Follow the hashtag #crpractitioner on twitter to follow conversations and connect with other CRPs.   Here are some recent tweets you may have missed


Academy for Healthcare Science

Congratulations to those shortlisted for the ‘AHCS Award for Outstanding Achievement by a #ClinicalResearchPractitioner‘ Clapping hands sign
Book to attend the virtual award ceremony on Fri 21 May, 3-5pm, here:
#AHAwards #CRPractitioner


Emma Howard

Couldn’t be more excited! Thanks to @ahcsuk & @NIHRcommunity Clinical Research Practitioners can now apply to the Accredited Register + get the professional recognition they so deserve. Application sent the moment it opened Love letter Woman scientist Microscope #CRPractitioner #whywedoresearch


Academy for Healthcare Science

The #CRPractitioner Directory is currently free to join. We look forward to welcoming more CRPs to the growing community! For more information, and to apply, please visit #ClinicalResearch #ClinicalResearchPractitioner #BePartOfResearch


Imogen Sargent

After working for years as a #CRPractitioner and having to explain my role to everyone I came into contact with, we now have #CRPractitioners on an accredited professional register! This year my whole team took part in the pilot and are some of the first ever #CRPractitioners!!